Business & Personal Security

Franklin Computer Guys offers both personal and business security solutions. We can protect you desktops, laptops and servers from security threats that are happening daily. We can also offer monitoring service to alert you when there has been attacks and what needs to be done to stop them in the future.

Security threats can cause loss of data and loss of sensitive information. Did you know that a simple program can access your passwords to secure sites like banking sites and credit card sites? These threats can cost you time and money.

Data Backup

Fact, we use our computers on a daily basis. If your computer goes down and you loose the data on your computer, would you not lose a lot of valuable data? We offer backup solutions that fit your needs and budget. We can offer military grade backup service for personal or business. We can provide the expertise of what data should be backed up and when.

Most likely you will loose data if you are rely-ing solely on your self to remember to backup your data. With our online backup service you set it and forget about it. If you ever need the data, it will be there.

Disaster Recovery

We offer customized solutions to meet your recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTO/RPO), budget parameters and system architecture. Solutions include other portable media, real-time server replication, online data protection and co-location options. Recovery is also available for specific applications, servers/hosts, and network communications.

We will protect your data 24/7. If you experience a disaster or system interruption, we’re ready to assist (and prepared if multiple events occur at the same time). If your entire system fails, your team can utilize our hot site or crisis center. We will also provide remote technical support to minimize downtime.

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